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Block Explorer
Name Symbol Algo Version Height Difficulty Connections Network Hash
ArgoARGOskein1.0.03803994.296 k85.7 TH/s
ChaincoinCHCc110.9.3.31400396231.521812.4 GH/sforum
CurveCURVskein2.0.02176732.716 k92.1 TH/s
GalactrumORElyra2v21.1.5.1499252.494 k851.3 GH/s
InnovaINNneoscrypt0.12.1.986182292.45589.5 GH/s
RaceCoinRACElyra2v20.12.2.3202571.034 k853.5 GH/s
StraksSTAKlyra2v21.14.7.21332682.295 k11115.4 GH/s
ZCoinXZClyra2z0.13.4.37568128.39 k8206.8 GH/s

 * Unified difficulty based on the hash target (might be different than wallet one)